The Canon 1D mkIV

One of the goals of producing Pitch Black was to push the limits of low light performance of HDSLR cameras. On set we had the Canon 5d mkII which I personally own and a Canon 1D mkIV which was on loan for evaluation from B&H Photo. Here is the resulting review of the camera which I did for

A comparison between the Canon 5D mkII and the Canon 1D mkIV

From where I sit now seeing the entire camera industry shifting towards this type of large format aquisition – all I can say it’s very enticing to think you can shoot without a lot of lighting and grip equipment but the truth is you still need a package if you want your project to have punch. And frankly, the more you have the better.

It’s just come to the point where you are placing light more for creative purposes than for the camera’s sake (although you will be dealing with a lot of noise on the low end). Having said that, is the 1D that much better than the 5D? In my opinion, no.


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