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As one the founding members of and an editor for the site, I’ve been keeping a pretty thorough log of the progress of the film from it’s conception through the editing. The entire Filmmaker IQ group for the film Pitch Black can be found here:

The extraordinary experience of putting this short together came from the incredibly small production crew and the talented and dedicated participants. As my first film utilizing Canon HDSLR cameras, it was, for me, solid proof that technology has reached a point which anybody with the proper skills can produce amazing results – the barriers to entry from a technology standpoint are eroding away.

Now standing near the end of the long 9 month production/post process, I am truly proud of what I and my small team have been able to accomplish:

Looking back at my first blog entry on

I will try to give you a sense of what Pitch Black is but in all honesty, I’m caught in the whirlwind myself. I could give you a clinical and dry breakdown of the script – but where’s the fun in that?

Pitch Black is a concept that my friend Susan and I kicked around a few months ago. We have access to a historic house that makes a rather interesting backdrop for a thriller. The proprietress is out of the country and gave us permission to shoot in the home while she’s away. Which only gives us 1 weeks from today to prep and shoot this film.

But it’s not just a thriller – it’s also an experiment into pushing the boundaries of camera technology. The title, “Pitch Black” describes the final showdown between the heroine and the killer. It will be “Pitch Black” – or at least the cinematic representation of that.

And it all started with this test video shooting with the Canon 5d mkii:

Breakdown of "The Making of Pitch Black"